The primary sanitary sewer system for the City of Oak Ridge is segmented into six sewer sheds, which are divided into eighty-nine mini systems. The sewer within this area flows to and is treated by the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Monterey Road. The six sewer sheds are divided into twelve (12) project areas, ten (10) of which are included in the EPA Remediation Plan. The Emory Valley I and Emory Valley II projects were substantially complete prior to the finalization of the EPA Remediation Plan.

The remaining sections of sanitary sewer, beginning at Horizon Center Business Park and ending with the residences at The Preserve at Clinch River, flow to and are treated by the Rarity Ridge Wastewater Treatment Plant. This area is not included in the Administrative Order.

West End I West End I Turtle Park I & II Y-12 Y-12 Central City I East Plant IV East Plant IV East Plant III Emory Valley I & II Emory Valley I & II East Plant II East Plant I

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Ongoing Projects:
West EndTurtle Park IEqualization Basins
Completed Projects:
Emory Valley I & IIEast Plant IEast Plant IIEast Plant IIIEast Plant IVCentral City IY-12
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