If you have additional questions or comments, please send an email to pubworksdis@oakridgetn.gov or call and leave a voicemail message at 425-3495.  It is planned for the FAQs to be updated as more questions are asked.

Will my yard be disturbed?

Some repairs require digging in yards while others do not.  Prior to construction taking place outside of the street right-of-way, you should receive a letter from the City of Oak Ridge, a door hanger from the Contractor and a face to face visit from the Contractor.

Why is the sewer work required?

In response to an Administrative Order received by the City of Oak Ridge from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Why does the sewer work take nine to twelve months to complete?

Each contract contains multiple repairs at many locations within each work area.  Usually the time for each repair is just two or three days, with follow-up site restoration.

What if the sewer line that needs repaired is located in my yard, under a fence, storage building and/or landscaping?

The Contractor will try to minimize disturbing structures and landscaping.  As the Contractor performs preconstruction tasks, they will provide to the Oak Ridge Public Works Department a list of addresses that will require work outside of the street right-of-way.  For citizens and businesses affected by this work, the Public Works Department will:

(1)  telephone the resident or business and leave a message


(2)  mail a letter explaining the specific work required in the sewer easement.

The letter will contain contact information for the Contractor and each person is encouraged to call the Contractor and discuss the work specific to their property.

What if I have an outside pet?

Please discuss this with the Contractor and together decide when or if you will need to have your pet inside the house.

How is the sewer work being paid for?

The City of Oak Ridge is borrowing money from the State Revolving Fund, a loan program administered by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC).