Equalization Basins

Construction of the three (3) Equalization Basins is the most visible aspect of the Remediation Plan projects. Once complete, each will be approximately 22′ high and 125′ wide.

Equalization Basins assist in controlling the flow of wastewater into the treatment plant during a rain event. They are similar to that of an overflow tank; therefore, they have been strategically placed throughout the City. Click on the map below to see a larger map of the locations of each basin.

Equalization Basin locations


Equalization Basin

East Plant Basin
Emory Valley Basin
Scarboro Basin


Cairo Road
710 Emory Valley Road
Near the end of Scarboro Lane


Construction Time:

Beginning in January 2015
Estimated completion by May 2016


Morgan Contracting, Inc.
(865) 249-8640 x102