East Plant III

The rehabilitation work for the East Plant III project is now complete. The contractor, Hurst Excavating, LLC, as well as City crews, could be in the area performing post-construction inspections and repairing items that have failed during the warranty period of the contract.

The work activities in the East Plant III project included:

  • Rehabilitation of approximately 37,000 linear feet of existing gravity sewers by the cured-in-place method.
  • Replacement of approximately 11,800 linear feet of existing gravity sewers by the pipe bursting method.
  • Construction of approximately 160 point repairs.
  • Installation of approximately 220 new manhole frames and covers.
  • Rehabilitation of approximately 3,000 vertical feet of existing manholes.
  • Replacement of approximately 20 existing manholes.


The work was completed by Hurst Excavating, LLC, beginning in October 2013 and was completed in September 2015.

If you have a question concerning work performed in the East Plant IV area, please email pubworksdis@oakridgetn.gov or call and leave a message at 425-3495.

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