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Portland Utilities Construction Company, LLC

Rehabilitation Work

The rehabilitation work for the Central City project began in July 2014 and is now complete. Residents will continue to see City crews and contractors conducting post-construction inspections and warranty work over the next several months. The work activities in the Central City project included:

  • Lining of 21,500 linear feet of existing gravity sewers by the cured-in-place method.
  • Replacement of 4,200 linear feet of existing gravity sewers by the pipe bursting method.
  • Installation of 75 linear feet of new 8″ and 10″ PVC gravity sewer.
  • Installation of 130 linear feet of 20″ DIP gravity sewer, 65 LF of which is by jack and bore method.
  • Construction of 20 point repairs of existing gravity sewers.
  • Installation of 6 new manholes with frames and covers.
  • Installation of 100 manhole frames and covers.
  • Rehabilitation of 4,100 vertical feet of existing 4′ and 5′ diameter sanitary sewer manholes with cementitious lining.
  • Rehabilitation of 150 vertical feet of existing 5′ diameter sanitary sewer manholes with polymer lining.

Construction Time

Began in August 2014
Completed September 2015


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